Secret Tea Taken By Chinese Adults To Keep High Blood Pressure in Check.

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High cholesterol High Blood Pressure Poor Sleep General Body Weakness Heart Function Memory loss Lower energy level(tiredness) Lower immunity? E.t.c…

Read this till the end… It’s a short writeup on a natural tea that will help you.

After months of overworking herself, and finally her body couldn’t take it anymore,

Abena Slumped… And Almost Died!

It had almost happened before… In fact in the past 4 weeks before she slumped, her BP was at 135/84.

I didn’t ignore the signs. In fact I told my wife, Abena to take a break from work. But her leave was in 2 months time.

She kept managing the BP with the recommended medication, until that unfortunate day of 2nd August 2018.. Abena my wife slumped.

Work stress really had its toll on her.

She was very fortunate to have a colleague around who managed to resuscitate her before rushing her to the hospital.

On getting to the hospital the doctor said she was having a heart attack. That she’s very lucky to be alive. He gave her some anti-hypertension pills and discharged her the next day.

She felt a bit better after a few days and stayed at home for a full month. 

But we never got permanent solution.

“Hello, I am Kobina. I am about to introduce you to a secret Chinese tea that keeps your blood pressure in check and helps to regulate your liver and kidney.

I travelled to China from Zambia for a business meeting on 30th September 2013. It was a meeting to discuss a Chinese project to be launched in Zambia then. I was working as an engineer for a David Walter Limited.

My work was time-consuming and energy-consuming — I usually travelled alot for building projects. In fact I had to stop work for some months at a time.

On that blessed trip to China, I met a doctor who specializes in herbs. It was on my evening walk around the city. He was a very friendly chinese man. He spoke some English.

He gave me a tea bag at his shop to try that evening and come for a pack if I saw changes. 

I was shocked when I woke up the next day and I felt so energised. I forgot to check my BP that morning and I attended another meeting. When I got home at 5pm from a busy day’s work, I checked my BP and it was at 119. The last time I remember checking before taking the tea, it was at 134/84.

I was so excited! In fact I would have rushed back to the man’s shop but it was late already. The next day I met him and thanked him for the tea — then I bought 3 packs of the tea, to continue using and share with my wife.

I returned to Zambia the following week and took a week off from work. My wife and I kept using it and I must confess our BP has stabilised.

Another thing I noticed is that it cleansed my liver and kidney.

I am now back to work and I have been promoted to  head of operations( in my department) — my wife has become an evangelist for this Chinese Tea”

Have you been diagnosed with high blood Pressure, also called hypertension?

Or do you struggle with High Cholesterol?

Don’t Waste Time Before Attending to these issues. You may be lucky not to see any symptoms today. But if left unattended to, High Blood Pressure May lead to:


Heart Failure

Vision Loss

Heart Attack Kidney Disease

Among other severe issues..

Causes of Hypertension

The first step to finding what will resolve any health challenge is to know the causes.

Medical studies have not determined exactly what causes High Blood Pressure. However, the following have been observed to be factors affecting High Blood Pressure:

  • Smoking
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Too much salt in the diet
  • Too much alcohol consumption (more than 1 to 2 drinks per day)
  • Stress
  • Older age
  • Genetics
  • Family history of high blood pressure
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Adrenal and thyroid disorders
  • Sleep apnea

Normal and Abnormal Blood Pressure Level

A blood pressure reading is written like this: 120/80. It’s read as “120 over 80.” The top number is called the systolic, and bottom number is called the diastolic. The ranges are:

  • Normal: Less than 120 over 80 (120/80)
  • Elevated: 120-129/less than 80
  • Stage 1 high blood pressure: 130-139/80-89
  • Stage 2 high blood pressure: 140 and above/90 and above
  • Hypertension crisis: higher than 180/higher than 120 —

Prescription Medicine May Be Good

But it may not be the best for long term use because of the side effects.


Now that we know some of the factors affecting High Blood Pressure is what we consume: smoking, alcohol and food we eat… The truth is that if you do not work on these things, you will never see any product that will give you permanent solution.

For Cholesterol, your body already produces it in the liver. When you eat the different types of meats, dairy products and animal foods, your body generates extra cholesterol. And once it is in excess, it become a health problem.

So, whether you are using anointing oil(from church) or any powerful product, you will keep having reoccurring high cholesterol if you don’t watch what you eat.

Good News:

We won’t just sell a tea to you… While you use our tea,  you will need to work on what you consume and  your lifestyle. Thus, we are offering a free healthy life guide in E-book(PDF) format to all buyers of our Powerful Ancient Chinese Tea.

The E-book contains information on:

~ What to eat and what not to eat.

~ Exercise for Older People.

~ How To Check HBP

The E-book will be sent to your Whatsapp Number or Email Address.


Main Ingredients: Jiaogulan(Gynostemma),Ganodorma lucidum.


Jiaogulan is a plant that grows wild in China. The leaf is used to make medicine. Jiaogulan is sometimes referred to as “Southern Ginseng” because it grows in south central China and is used in similar ways as ginseng.

Historically, Jiaogulan has been used by ancient Chinese  for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and improving heart function. It is also used for strengthening the immune system, increasing stamina and endurance, increasing resistance to environmental stress (as an “adaptogen”), improving memory, and preventing hair loss.

How To Take It

POUR 8 oz. freshly boiled water over 1 tea bag. COVER cup & STEEP for 5-20 minutes .Squeeze tea bag to ensure maximum goodness in your cup. Enjoy 1-2 cups daily.


Hello, it's been 2 weeks since I started taking your tea and I must say it's really good. My energy level is much better and my heart beat is better. I started noticing changes from the 3rd day of using it but I decided to wait for 14 days before sending my review. I will be buying more for my husband.
Akuah Gyamfi
Business Woman From Obuasi
I highly recommend this tea as a natural means to keep High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol in check, without side effects.
Prof John
United Kingdom
Hello Sir, my new BP Check reads 111/74 now. My doctor says that's within normal range. I am very grateful. I also noticed increased energy and good sleep.
School Owner From Uganda
I have used several supplements that worked for BP but what makes this tea stand out is that it not only normalizes High Blood Pressure, it helps with my heart function and metabolism as well. It's a good buy and worth every penny.
Dr From Tanzania
Since I started taking this tea, I have never had any issue with my Blood Pressure, Cholesterol level is fine, Heart beat and function is perfect. I am very energetic for my age as well.
Senior Citizen From Kenya
Strangely, I had High Blood Pressure from a very young age. This tea is my go-to magic for all my health worries. I highly recommend it.
Engineer From Gambia
I have been on Anti-hypertension medication for 4 years but I have always been worried about the long-term effects. 2 Months ago, I found this Tea online and bought 3 pack. I have used it for just 20 days intermittently and I have not needed my medication at all. It's a very good product and safe for use because it's natural.
From Zambia


1 pack contains 20 tea bags. Take 1 in the morning and 1 at night.

1 Pack of 20 pieces is 100,000 Shillings.

1 MONTH PACKAGE(Good offer for you)

3 PACKS @ 200,000 Shillings (you  save 100,000 when you buy 3 at once)

2 MONTH PACKAGE(Better offer for you)

6 PACKS @ 300,000 Shillings (Save 100,000 )

 3 MONTH PACKAGE(Best offer for you)

Good as family package for husband and wife

9 PACKS @ 400,000 Shillings


Lowers Cholesterol

Regulates High Blood Pressure/ Hypertension

Heart Muscle Function

Fights Fatigue (tiredness).

Boost Immunity.

Improve Memory.

Increased energy and alertness

May help with hair loss.



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